Recently in Europe, and more importantly in Italy, 2 substantial phenomena have taken place within the real estate sector: property financing and development.
The main effects are:
  • properties as alternative forms of investments rather than substitutive
  • property owners, building companies, real estate brokers are slowly, but constantly, becoming developers
Financial operatives are nearly identical to real estate operatives and viceversa. Land owners are both constructors as well as realtors.

Prices are still increasing, buildable areas are rarer and rarer, urban laws are contradictory and in contrast to quality and sustainability.
All this generates performance anxiety, chaos among urban instruments used, operative inefficiencies, and creates wide gaps between the planning stage and realisation, an increase between idea and development.

There is a greater need for order, rationalism, uniformity, and the identification of an operative driver which may code, integrate and systemize the different steps within the real estate cycle, creating a link between innovators (intuitive, emotional, spatial, visionary) and developers (analytical, logical, linear) with the aim of reducing the gap between ethic, aesthetic and profit.
We developed IKARO. A concrete emotion.
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